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Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies is live on PBE now

The next set of TFT is up for playtesting

Riot Games

The next Teamfight Tactics set, Galaxies, is now playable on the Public Beta Environment.

This set focuses on differing rulesets across games — or galaxies, in this case. One example used in the initial Galaxies /dev blog is the “Neekoverse Galaxy, where everyone starts with two Neeko’s Help items ready to go.” You’ll have to adapt to all these different galaxies to figure out how to win.

All the new Champions in this set will pull from existing skin lines in League of Legends, as usual. You’ll see Star Guardians as their own composition, as well as skin lines like Mecha and Odyssey used to build into different compositions. All these champions should appear familiar for those who play League of Legends, though it might take others some time to get used to these new outfits.

Galaxies should hit live servers in a couple weeks, after the set gets some tuning based on player feedback.